A New Hotel Inspired by Old Sarasota

See the History of Sarasota Through a Thoroughly Modern Lens

Created for enlightened travelers seeking to transcend the ordinary hotel experience, The Sarasota Modern is a bespoke urban oasis where design, culture and play collide. Its spirit is drawn from the same creative well that inspired the Sarasota School of Architecture, but with a new emphasis on today’s travel lifestyles that makes it like no other hotel.

Geometric forms and the creative use of seemingly common building materials helps to connect The_Modern to the modernist movement that inspired it. Taking full advantage of the area’s plentiful sunlight, sea breezes and lush vegetation, it welcomes guests to a tropical oasis that’s in perfect harmony with its surroundings, yet never fails to make a powerful statement of its own.



On site - Construction started in 2017



Bolo Bolo

Sarasota - Diving in!

Once home to the most artists per capita in the world, Sarasota was
born and bred as a city that appreciates creativity. The influence of the inspiration these minds brought to town is still evident in the incredible variety of thing to do offered here, as well as in the eclectic individuals who line up to take part in them.

The_Modern is uniquely optimistic, believing in the power of individuals and communities to make the world around them a better, more interesting place. Seeing the thriving culture, rich history and infectious energy of the city we call home, how could it not be? So it is our mission to inspire our guests to take a deep breath, a walk on the beach and a moment to reflect—then to reject the “normal” world in order to join us in creating a better, more radical one.

Hotel Services & Amenities
SSOA Architecture
Building Dates Architect
The Walker Guest House 1952-53 Paul Rudolph
City Hall 1966 Jack West
The Hiss Studio 1958-59 Tim Seibert
Umbrella House 1947-48 Paul Rudolph
Lu Adrews House 1959 Ralph Twitchell
Lutheran Church 1958 Victor Lundy

Hotel Services & Amenities

  • Internet included in Destination Fee
  • Shuttle service within a 3-mile radius (beach and downtown included) with Destination Fee
  • Pool and spa with towel and dining service
  • Fitness center
  • Parking included in Destination Fee
  • Valet dry cleaning service
  • Sundries shop (opening 2019)
  • Pet-friendly rooms with pet beds and bowls